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Freelance Copywriter Chicago IL

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With competition so high, copywriting has moved from a luxury to an absolute necessity. If you aren’t using a copywriter, your competitors almost certainly are. And because every dollar a customer spends with them is one less dollar they spend with you, they are quite literally stealing money from your pockets.

If you’re looking for a Freelance Copywriter in Chicago, then you’re on the right page. On this page, you’ll discover answers to questions such as:

And at the end, I’ll even include a few fun facts about copywriting and the history of the Windy City.

Let’s get started.

What Is Copywriting? What Does A Freelance Copywriter Do?

To start, let’s define “copy.”

Copy is the “written content” of an advertisement. So, if you’ve ever read a magazine ad, a Facebook ad or a Google ad, the words in that ad are called copy.

Copywriting is a style of writing that focuses on one thing: making someone take a specific action. For most businesses, that is making someone take action that leads to a sale. This can mean convincing people to:

  • Call the number on your brochure.
  • Visit a website listed on your direct mail package.
  • Open, read and click the link on your promotional emails.
  • Click the button on your Facebook ads.
  • Click the “Order Now” button on your sales page or video sales letter.
  • Opt-in for a free trial on your website.

A freelance copywriter is a professional writer who helps business owners that are too busy to write these marketing materials (or shouldn’t be trusted with an empty Word document).

Because freelance copywriters work with many clients over their career, they often bring ideas and insights that business owners and in-house marketers & writers will never come up with on their own.

Why Hire A Freelance Copywriter? How Does A Freelance Copywriter Help My Business?

In simple terms, a copywriter makes numbers move up.

Think of the steps that it takes for a stranger to become a customer. Whatever the next step is, so long as you have the right audience, a copywriter can boost the number of people who take that step.

This means a freelance copywriter can help you with writing things such as:

  • Your Brochures
  • Your Direct Mail
  • Your Emails
  • Your Facebook Ads
  • Your Sales Pages
  • Your Video Sales Letters
  • Your Website

And so on.

Anything that is written words and you put in front of an audience in hopes they do something, a copywriter can help with.

And by hiring a professional copywriter, you can expect more people who read any of the above to take the action you want, including buying from you.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Copywriter?

This question is a bit like “How long is a piece of string?”

You can find copywriters that charge as much as $50,000 + commissions for a sales letter.

You can find copywriters that charge as little as 2 cents a word.

So, there is a lot of temptation to either go for the cheapest option (big mistake) or to just think more expensive is better (common mistake, too).

Treat hiring a copywriter like any other business investment. A good copywriter will make you money. And words written once can make you money over and over and over again. So you must be ready to invest accordingly, but not break your budget to do so.

A good rule of thumb is to have a budget of $1,000 to $5,000 to start.

How Do I Choose The Right Copywriter?

Picking the right copywriter isn’t a light decision. You need to do your due diligence and make sure that there’s a good fit.

Here’s what to look for:

Past Experience

  • How long have they been writing?
  • How many businesses/clients have they served?
  • What kinds of results have they gotten for clients?

Generally speaking, you want someone with at least 2 years of writing experience, has served at least 10 or more clients, and has documented results they can share.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • What are other people saying about them? Who are these people?
  • Do these reviews mention anything about who they are as a person?

Now that you know that they have experience, it’s time to learn a bit about other’s experiences with the copywriter you’re looking for.

You want to look for a reputable name or two, because bigger brands typically have much stricter guidelines and processes to follow.

And you want to also look at what they’re saying about the copywriter as a person. Let’s face it, you can have someone who is capable but requires a Tylenol budget for you to work with. Beware if you see testimonials with no character statements.

What Do I Need To Have Before Hiring A Copywriter?

You Need To Have A Product/Service/Business In Place

Yes, you read that right.

As basic as it seems, you’d be surprised how often I’ve been approached by clients wanting elaborate funnels for just a half-baked idea.

You Need To A Way To Bring In Eyeballs

The best ad in the world does nothing if it sits in your desk drawer. To get the most out of a copywriter, you need visibility. You need an audience of people to read those words. You need eyeballs.

And not just any eyeballs, you need the right ones. An audience of people who are a good fit for your product or service. You can have an audience of 10 million vegetarians, but you won’t do so well trying to sell them steak.

This isn’t something any copywriter can give you.

The most common sources of traffic (i.e. eyeballs) for many business owners is usually Facebook ads, followed by social media followings and email lists.

Where Can I Find A Freelance Copywriter In Chicago IL?

Well, you’re in luck!

If you’re looking for an experienced copywriter you can trust, click the red button below and reach out to me today!

History of Chicago City

The City of Chicago is indirectly named after an onion. Specifically, the French interpretation of an onion-like plant called a shikaakwa. The name came from the plant that grew all over the region as explorers passed through, during the late 1600s.

And since then, it’s picked up many nicknames. Windy City, Chi-Town, Second City and more.

Chicago Weather

From the Illinois State Office, the Chicago climate is usually continental. Meaning cold winters, warm summers, and frequent changes in temperature, humidity, cloudiness, and wind direction. Lake Michigan helps moderate the temperature and also boosts snowfall in winter.

Chicago Population

The City of Chicago is the most populated city in the U.S. State of Illinois and the third most populated city in the U.S., only behind New York City and Los Angeles.

As of 2019 estimates, the population of Chicago is an estimated 2.7 million people.

History of Copywriting & Advertising In Chicago, IL

For over 150 years, Chicago has been the heart of American advertising and copywriting. Advertising is as much part of the local cultural fabric as the Cubs and Garrett Mix.

According to the Chicago Advertising Federation, some great historical advertising milestones in this city include:

  • 1873 – Lord & Thomas opens its doors.
  • 1930 – Ad Age starts as a broadsheet newspaper.
  • 1935 – Leo Burnett opens its doors.
  • 1942 – Lord & Thomas became Foote, Cone & Belding.
  • 1986 – Omnicom Group is formed.

According to Chicagology, some of the greatest ad campaigns in history to have come from Chicago include:

  • Which twin has the Toni? for Toni Home Permanent
  • The soap for beauty for Palmolive Facial Soap
  • When it rains, it pours for Morton Salt

And Claude C. Hopkins, considered to be the greatest American advertising copywriter of all time, worked in Chicago IL.

Fun Fact: While Lord & Thomas was founded in 1873, Chicago is NOT home to the first advertising agency in the world. That honor goes to the city of London when William Taylor founded the first advertising agency nearly a hundred years older.

Top Chicago Attractions

  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • 360 Chicago
  • Garfield Park Observatory
  • The Field Museum
  • Millenium Park
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • The 606
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Music Box Theatre