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Move people from “Who are you?” to “Here’s my money!” with unfairly persuasive writing.

Past clients include…

Freelance Copywriter – USAID Client Logo – UnfairCopy
Freelance Copywriter – The World Bank Client Logo – UnfairCopy
Freelance Copywriter – Google For Entrepreneurs Client Logo – UnfairCopy
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CBD Copywriter qiwi CBD CBG Logo
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The Shoes You Want Filled
(a.k.a. Services)

Brochure Copywriter

Many say the brochure is dead. Those who know otherwise don’t bother to correct them. Great brochures offer useful, well-written information that prospects won’t want to throw away. And they’re a constant, physical reminder in a world of overcrowded inboxes. Gets yours from a competent brochure copywriter today.

Prices start from 750 USD

Direct Mail Copywriter

According to the Association of National Advertisers, direct mail has up to a 900% higher response rate than digital marketing. A well-crafted direct mail package may unlock profits in your business that you might be hard-pressed to find in other channels. Why not get a direct mail copywriter and start today?

Prices start from 2,000 USD

(Pay-for-performance options available)

Email Copywriter

Findings from Litmus show email yields an average 4,200% Return on Investment for many companies. But the average inbox is crowded with up to 121 emails per day. Escape the dreaded ‘Promotions’ tab. Get more emails opened. And drive more sales with better-written emails from an email copywriter today.

Prices start from 100 USD

Minimum order is 3 emails

(Pay-for-performance options available)

Facebook Ad Copywriter

No other advertising service on the planet lets you narrow down your exact audience and test dozens of marketing messages so cheaply. You may achieve a higher ROI and do it faster than you think when you hit the right messages. Get a Facebook Ad copywriter to help boost your ROI today.

Prices start from 100 USD

Minimum order is 5 Facebook Ads

(Pay-for-performance options available)

Sales Page Copywriter

A sales page, also known as a sales letter, is a marketing message with only one job: close the sale. Effective sales pages suck in a prospect, strike the right emotional triggers, and pushes for a sale, then and there. If you can generate traffic, a well-written page from a sales page copywriter isn’t too different than owning your own money printing press.

Prices start from 1,000 USD + 2.5% commission

VSL Copywriter

VSL is short for a Video Sales Letter. Think of it as if Netflix decided to produce a sales page and you have the same idea. There is an extra layer of nuance in VLS because words needs to be written with video, audio AND length in mind. But that effort from a VSL copywriter is often rewarded with much higher engagement and sales.

Prices start from 1,500 USD + 2.5% commission

Website Copywriter

Your website is your online home base. And it can’t all be pictures and pretty colors. Whether you want Google to notice you (SEO Copywriter) or you want the traffic you ARE getting to take the next step in your funnel (Conversion Copywriter), you’ll need a competent website copywriter to help you do it.

Prices start from 300 USD

Curious how much your project will cost?

“Have You Worked In My Niche?”
(a.k.a. Industries Served)

Beauty Copywriter

Everyone in the beauty industry understands that buyers want to banish insecurities, feel confident in the world and feel happy when they look in the mirror. A good beauty copywriter recognizes those wishes and transforms your product into a genie that grants them.

CBD Copywriter

According to New Frontier data, the cannabis industry is growing FAST. It’s currently a free-for-all land grab and the stand-out winners will be the brands that combine a compelling product with a CBD copywriter that can build compelling messages. Will that be you?

eCommerce Copywriter

If it exists, it’s being sold on the internet. I’ve written for second-hand luxury watches, athletic compression shorts, pressure point mats, garage lights, and many things in between. An ecommerce copywriter with broad experience means new ideas and bigger, better sales results.

Real Estate Copywriter

Top producers sometimes need that extra sizzle to sell that special home. Whether that’s Facebook ads, online listings or other marketing channels, having a real estate copywriter who’s helped dozens of agents and realtors lock in better deals for their clients is always useful.

Thinking of stepping up your sales game?