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Using my unique FSM Framework, I help 7-figure companies discover sales revenue hiding in their lists.

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I’ve done work for…

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Freelance Copywriter – Google For Entrepreneurs Client Logo – UnfairCopy
Freelance Copywriter – USAID Client Logo – UnfairCopy

And many more!

Case Studies



Helped Amazing convert 1,827 subscribers into first time buyers using the FSM Framework. This created $20,097 in immediate sales and an extra $1.27MM in estimated lifetime value.

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Helped MindSparQ boost conversions by 408% by implementing the FSM Framework in their launch campaign. The changes more than quadrupled their ARR.

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Helped Amani increase email revenue by 161.76% by using the FSM Framework on their annual Holiday Season email campaign.

The FSM Framework

FSM is a 3-part framework that 8- and 9-figure companies use to generate massive profits from their email lists. And it is by far, their most tightly-guarded secret.

After studying these companies’ emails and flows for over a year, I managed to reverse engineer their secrets and distill it into the FSM Framework. Now I apply these same secrets to the benefit of my clients. And as you can see—plain as day—in the case studies, clients have enjoyed incredible results.

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Dawn McCown USAID – Victor from UnfairCopy Review
Freelance Copywriter. Website Copywriter. Direct Response Copywriter.

Victor’s work and commitment is nothing short of amazing. He worked hard to make sure high quality deliverables were handed in on time. Client service was exceptional and the end product was gorgeous!

Victor himself has been a real pleasure to work with. He is obviously very smart but leaves his ego at the door. He is fun, creative, and hardworking. He is excellent at gaining the client’s trust and produces results to match.

All in all, I would strongly recommend him for more creative work and believe he has the skills, creativity, and character to deliver and do an excellent job.

Dawn McCown, Sr. Indo-Pacific Strategy Adviser at USAID

$77,003.20 in additional ARR!
408% Increase in Conversions!

“Victor gave me a tip for my emails that increased registrants [for my private community] from just 25 people to over 100 people!

Crystal Richards, Founder of MindSparQ
Website Copywriter – MindSparQ Logo

Victor has a curious mind and an unwavering dedication to his personal and professional goals. He’s extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of material, and for lack of a better term “gets it.”

I would unequivocally recommend him for your next campaign, big or small. This is an ambitious young man: nab him while you still can!

Lucas Berman, Hollywood film industry copywriter

More value in a 1-hour site audit than 100+ hours of research!

“I learned more on how to improve my website in 1 hour than in a week of research. Victor’s very knowledgeable in his field and he’s a very genuine person. He’s just out there to help.

Sean Guzman

Working with Victor on writing copy for Axel Glade was incredible! He is extremely detail oriented. That was very evident based on the questionnaire he had prepared and the follow up questions he asked me after reading my answers to better understand my brand.

He most definitely does his homework and is very understanding. Would recommend to anyone looking for a copywriter!

Mehul Patel, Founder of Axel Glade

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